Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue-21 Starts Tomorrow

Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue-21 Starts Tomorrow

Tue, 10/26/2021 - 22:44
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New Delhi  Oct 26

First conducted in 2018, the Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD) is the apex international annual conference of the Indian Navy, and is the principal manifestation of the navy’s engagement at the strategic-level. The National Maritime Foundation is the navy’s knowledge partner and chief organiser of each edition of this annual event.  The aim of each successive edition of the IPRD is to review both opportunities and challenges that arise within the Indo-Pacific. IPRD-2018 focussed on four main sub-themes: maritime trade; regional connectivity; pan-regional challenges such as those of persistent maritime surveillance, the increasing digitisation of the maritime space, and cyber-malevolence within the maritime domain; and, the role of industry in enhancing holistic maritime security.  IPRD 2019 built upon the excellent foundation laid by the inaugural edition and examined five themes: practical solutions for achieving cohesion in the region through maritime connectivity; measures to attain and maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific; examining a regional approach to Blue Economy; opportunities from Maritime-Industry 4.0; and, regional opportunities arising from SAGAR and SAGARMALA.

IPRD 2021 is being held as a three-day online event on 27, 28, and 29 October 2021.  This year’s IPRD will focus on eight specific sub-themes under the broad theme of “Evolution in Maritime Strategy during the 21st Century: Imperatives, Challenges, and, Way Ahead”.  Panel-discussions on these sub-themes would be spread over eight sessions on three successive days thereby providing ample scope for varied perspectives to be considered.  The aim is to encourage a free flow of ideas and views.  The eight sub-themes are:

(1)  Evolving Maritime Strategies within the Indo-Pacific: Convergences, Divergences,  Expectations and Apprehensions.

(2)  Adaptive Strategies to Address the Impact of Climate Change upon Maritime  Security.

(3)  Port-led Regional Maritime Connectivity and Development Strategies.

(4)  Cooperative Maritime Domain Awareness Strategies.

(5)  Impact of the Increasing Recourse to Lawfare upon a Rules-based Indo-Pacific  Maritime Order.

(6)  Strategies to Promote Regional Public-Private Maritime Partnerships.

(7)  Energy-Insecurity and Mitigating Strategies.

(8)  Strategies to Address the Manned-Unmanned Conundrum at Sea.

The sessions will be preceded by addresses by the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri, the Hon’ble External Affairs Minister, and the Hon’ble Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Through this annual dialogue, the Indian Navy and the National Maritime Foundation, continue to provide a platform for incisive discussions pertaining to the geopolitical developments affecting the maritime domain of the Indo-Pacific.